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We called ourselves “InProcess Counseling” because we believe human beings are always learning, growing and changing. Every one of us is still in process, and we always will be. So no matter where you are on life’s journey, we’re here for you. Warm and welcoming, we focus on our clients’ journeys, providing connection, professional guidance and empowerment. Still in process? You’re in good company. 

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The road to adulthood is filled with new experiences, complex emotions and constant changes. We’re here to help teens navigate these challenges and build the skills they need to become resilient, connected adults. Every teen deserves a warm, kind adult to help them navigate the ups and downs of adolescence, and we’re honored to help teens with that journey. 

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Relationships can be immensely rewarding, but exceptionally challenging. Our highly-trained therapists have the expertise to help you strengthen your relationship skills so you can navigate life’s challenges together. We’re here for the process, not the outcome, and we have the professional skills to empower you to build healthy, fulfilling relationships. 

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If you’re looking for guidance to work through challenges in your life, you’re in the right place. Our warm, empathetic and licensed therapists can meet with you to talk about what you’re experiencing and help you take the steps you need to move forward. With our range of therapist specialties and personalities, we can help you find the right connection in a welcoming, collaborative environment. 

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We wanted to create a space that focused on real-life connection with a concierge environment for clients, removing the barriers to getting practical, meaningful mental health care. Each of our therapists are well-trained and experienced, but they’re also well-supported by our office staff, helping them focus on their sessions with their clients. In an age of ever-changing apps and fly-by-night mental health care, we’re here to build real relationships that are collaborative and empowering. We hope you’ll join us. 

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