Thank you for your interest in working with us here at InProcess Counseling LLC. We are a small group practice offering individual, couples, and family therapy to our community of Grand Rapids. With the advent of telehealth we have also seen our ability to help others extend across the entire state of Michigan. We are actively hiring and are excited you are here. Please read below if you’re interested in hearing about our philosophy of running a therapy practice that is in the business of caring for people.

InProcess Counseling’s core belief is that if we create a great working environment for our therapists, we will create an optimal healing environment for our clients.

To say this another way, the “why” of expanding InProcess Counseling is to build a company that helps therapists to grow a sustainable a career they love, to have a cause to work on they care about, and a community to support them while they do it. We believe when therapists are energized rather than burning out, are able to focus on their service to their clients, and have a community who supports them with trust, transparency, and vulnerability, our business will succeed and the positive impact through therapy will be multiplied.

To live out our core belief, also know as “our why,” we are committed to helping our therapists feel they have the opportunity to build the practice they want, see their ideal client, and manage their own schedules while also feeling like key members of our team. This means employees at our practice are offered the opportunity to be full W-2 employees rather than independent contractors. Being W-2 employees allows us to offer more resources and support to you so that can you can be doing what you do best – caring for your clients. We prioritize communication, transparency, and taking feedback from our employees and we do our best empower our clinicians to encourage creativity and competence. We work to build the trust needed so that you have what it takes to manage yourself effectively. We also believe that your compensation should appropriately reflect the amount of time, energy, and money you’ve poured into your training. You should be treated with respect given your education, experience, and commitment to helping those who are hurting. The owner of InProcess Counseling is a therapist as well, regularly seeing clients, so you can be assured your employer will understand what it is like to do the work you do on a daily basis.

If you are interested in discussing what being a part of our practice might look like please reach out to us at

We are hiring fully licensed and established MA and Doctoral Level therapists for in-office/hybrid remote positions who are interested in becoming valuable members of our team. Also, fully remote work via telehealth offers us the unique opportunity to add additional employees without regard to physical space needs and is also an option. So if you are seeking in-person, hybrid and/or fully remote work we would be happy to consider you for our practice.

We have at least one open office at our 28th street location that can be customized to fulfill your needs as a therapist.  We will gladly provide furniture, art, tools, and relevant items for things like art projects or items unique to the therapy you provide.

Employment at InProcess Counseling